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Criminal Defense

Criminal laws are those that prohibit conduct and make the penalty for such conduct punishable by jail.


You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to help you deal with being charged. The attorneys at Aleck & Jenkins have successfully defended all types of crimes from murder to the lowest misdemeanor.


Regardless of the severity of the crime you get charged with, the potential consequences can be quite severe. Even crimes like drunk driving, domestic abuse or possession of marijuana (all misdemeanors) can result in the loss of your freedom (jail), carry heavy fines, require counseling, require community service, probation and could involve loss of your driver's license or right to possess a firearm. These penalties do not include the personal loss you may have as a result of being charged, including marital problems, loss of job, public embarrassment and the like.

Main Courts Where We Represent Clients

Bay County
Clare County
Gladwin County
Gratiot County
Isabella County
Midland County
*We have appeared in most counties in Lower Michigan and may be able to represent you in other counties not listed above

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