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All our lawyers at Aleck and Jenkins are fully licensed and have several years if not decades years of trial experience.  With this much experience, we are confident we can handle most issues concerning our practice areas.

A good lawyer will first fully understand your problem.   A good legal resolution depends on the facts of a case as applied to the law.  Many legal terms do not mean what you think they do and the lawyers at Aleck and Jenkins can help you understand the law. Most importantly, our lawyers will help you fully protect your interests in your situation.

Legal advice is what you should do given your situation.   It could be to do nothing.  It could involve litigation.   Advice is based on the facts of your situation as applied to the law.  At Aleck and Jenkins, you will be fully advised as to why we make the recommendations that we do, and we will discuss other options and their viability as you require.

Except for some Court Appointed attorneys for criminal matters and some non-profit government sponsored free legal services, most legal service require payment.   Those free government services are limited to special circumstances.  Since Aleck and Jenkins is a private law firm not associated with any government program all of our service require payment.

The costs of legal services vary by the extent of time necessary to complete those services.    At Aleck and Jenkins, we charge a nominal $100 consultation fee to discuss your legal matter, give initial advice and then if you want to hire us, we usually receive a retainer (a down payment) toward further legal services.   We will also give you our best estimate as to final costs before you decide to hire us.  There are a few services like document preparation that we can provide a set fee, but litigation work will ultimately depend on how much time and effort is needed to complete your case.

Usually, a lawyer is recommended by others, found through advertising or internet.  Aleck and Jenkins will be happy to help you regardless of how you found us.

Each lawyer at Aleck and Jenkins will work hard for you.   You may wish to have a certain lawyer in our firm, and we will accommodate you.   Our lawyers will do their best to make you comfortable in placing your trust with our firm.

There are options.  There are always options but not every option is available to every case.    We will discuss options during your initial consultation and throughout your case.

You could hire a lawyer from another State, but they have to be licensed in Michigan and come to Michigan to represent you.    Michigan allows a non-Michigan licensed lawyer who is licensed in another State handle three cases a year in Michigan but those must be overseen by a licensed Michigan lawyer.  The costs are usually prohibitive though.

Once you have discussed your situation with a lawyer at Aleck and Jenkins, you will have a good idea about the strengths and weaknesses of your case.   You will also know if your weaknesses can be overcome.  We are confident that your best chance of success will come with one of our highly experience attorneys and we look forward to work with you.

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