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Child Custody

There no greater set of emotional issues than those that surround child custody. Our law firm makes a point to minimize the emotional impact on you and your children by taking decisive action in your case.


Child custody litigation can occur for people who are married and separated, married and getting a divorce or unmarried with children but separating. Child custody can be raised after a final custody order at any time prior to the children reaching the age of 18. Thus, child custody may be raised as often as there is a legal and factual reason to do so.


Aleck and Jenkins have successfully handled all of these types of child custody case. There are specialized techniques our firm has exclusively developed over many years, and we use these methods to get you the best possible results in the shortest period of time. At Aleck and Jenkins, we know your children are precious to you and that is reflected in our legal approach.

Main Courts Where We Represent Clients

Bay County
Clare County
Gladwin County
Gratiot County
Isabella County
Midland County
*We have appeared in most counties in Lower Michigan and may be able to represent you in other counties not listed above

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